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Some of the things that you will need to grow grapes are a trellis system which Made up of a series of wires and stakes.  A regular garden shovel and some wire cutters.  Oh, and you'll probably want some gloves. 
The best time to plant grapes is in the early spring.  You will want to plant them in soil that has a good water holding capacity and in an area with plenty of sunshine.  Plant the plants 6 to 8 feet apart.  The year after planting season, you need to take a couple of strong canes on each side of the vine and tie loosely to the bottom wire on the trellis.  Cut off the other less established shoots.  Keep up with your management because grape vines can take off on you!  Grape vines have the ability to produce several pounds of berries per plant, so if you are just getting into how to grow grapes, take that into consideration. 


I want to share an interesting video which shows a beautiful vineyard.  The video takes place in Italy and you have to pardon the start of the video where they are simply driving around the vineyard.  When you see the last few seconds, you will notice a lush vineyard. It's a really pretty site.

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